Mtn Dew Awards $100k in Outdoor Grant Funds

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Mtn Dew Awards $100k in Outdoor Grant Funds

On December 1, 2020 MTN DEW® awarded twenty, $5,000 grants ($100K) to nonprofits for initiatives that support outdoor conservation and participation as part of the MTN DEW Outdoor Grants program. The program kicked off in September 2020 and encouraged eligible nonprofits to apply at and share their focus on outdoor experience, regional impact on outdoor conservation and celebration of outdoor lifestyle.

Whether through wildlife conservation, environmental preservation or outdoor recreation, all nonprofits share a common goal of enhancing and protecting the great outdoors for the continuing benefit of everyone. MTN DEW’s long-term goal is to assist these Heartland-based organizations in commemorating the lands we love and promoting safe outdoor participation for years to come.

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